The Gateway Conference

A one day educational death and dying seminar dedicated to helping us better care for and honor the autonomy of the dying. 

Friday November 1st  

8:30  am - 4:00 pm

(Registration Doors open at 7:30am)


Ticket price includes snacks, a light lunch and limited parking

Alki Masonic Hall, West Seattle 

4736 40th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 

Why une bonne mort?

After attending many conferences, seminars, workshops, and classes about death and dying, the organizers of Une Bonne Mort identified an absence of conversations about access, marginalized humans, autonomy, and community.

We hope that this year's conference attendees will include medical & non-medical professionals, human resources managers, hospice home owners, and other caregivers. May we learn together, share a meal, and help increase access to a good death for everyone.

One conference doesn't increase access – continued work, advocacy, and education does. We will have 120 individuals who want to make a change, all in one room, and together we possess the ability to impact directly the way people in their community die. When we are all working together, we make meaningful change.

Friday November 1

Day of schedule

  7:30 am   Registration 

  8:30 am   Welcome with Brian Flowers 

  9:00 am  Maintaining an Authentic Practice: Supporting Marginalized Identities in 

                     Death with Davinah Simmons 

10:00 am  Conversations with Shadows: Seeing the Whole of Another  

                      with Dr. Claudelle Glasgow

11:00 am   The Art of Seeing: How Photography Honors Grief with Shannon McFarlane

12:00 pm  Death over Lunch:  Unique programming cultivated for Une Bonne Mort with Michael Hebbs  

1:00 pm     Illuminating the Role of Death in Life in a Denial Culture with  Lyla Rothschild

2:00 pm    Gently Opening the Doorway to Existence: Psychedelics and Death  with  Alua Arthur

3:00 pm    Cultivating Community Engagement and Education with Lashanna Williams

3:30 pm     Closing